Sunday, January 29, 2012

SMS feedback from a male beneficiary in El-Same Village, Odweine District.

Original SMS received on 28.1.2012:

As the Village Committee of El-Same village, we would like to bring to your attention three issues that need urgent action:

1 - The community building that is under construction needs electricity and lights and also to put desks and chairs and other necessary items in the office.

2 - The sweet-water well that is the main source of drinking water for the village, which has 300 residents, has stopped pumping water a week ago. There was a machine that used to pump water that functioned on solar power and we have called all the people who could help fix it but they haven't managed to. We need help to either find a way to fix it or have it replaced. We rely on this clean drinking water heavily and the dirty muddy water is not healthy to drink, especially for children and elderly people.

3. Women groups who have benefitted from the revolving fund need more support because they have used the past revolving funds effectively and it has been a while since we have had anyone coming to monitor how well this project has worked.

Male member of a Committee
El-Same Village
Odweine District
Follow-up steps, taken on 29.1.2012

1 - Called beneficiary for clarification on point 2 as we could not make sense of the message.
2 - Replied: "Thank you, I have passed on your msg to the team in charge of the project. I am waiting for a reply and when I receive it, will forward it to you."

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