Friday, May 11, 2012

Sample SMS feedback received from beneficiaries

1 - Translated SMS: "I participated in the business development workshop which DRC implemented in Mogadishu last year. This was very useful and I hope DRC will continue this invaluable work to support small business owners."
Male beneficiary, Small Business Grant project.
Hamar Weyne district, Mogadishu

Original SMS: "Anigoo ka mida barakacayaasha deggana magaalada madaxda muqdisho, gaar ahaana degmada xamar weyne, waaxdiisa hilaac laanta 2aad, waxaaan ka mid ahaa dadkii sabaaarka horumarinta ganacsiga loo qabtay, runtii waxaanu ka faa'iidnay waxwayn oo waxtara, halkaa nooga sii wada oo hana caawiyo, ka timid ganacsatada muqdisho."

2 - Translated SMS: "The cash we have received has helped us a lot. I have used it for school fees and medicine. You have helped us a lot. Thank you."
Female beneficiary, Cash Relief project
Baana Fuusi IDP camp, Hamar Weyne district, Mogadishu

Original SMS: "waaidinsalaameydiicarsii(dumar)kambaanafuutilacagtiwaxaweencynotarteydugsiiskooldaawo.waanoogegaarteenwaamxadsintihiin?"

3 - Translated SMS: "Can DRC engineer get the contract to build toilets while we have independent contractors in the village?"
Male beneficiary, 
CDRD project

Original SMS: Suurto gal miyey tahay in Injineer ka socda DRC uu qaato contractyada qodista Suuliyada, iyadoo ay buuxaan qandaraas layaashii kale ee tuuladu? ka timid qaarka mida bulshada reer salahley.

The first two SMSes are appreciation and do not need follow-up but the last one is being investigated as if those allegation are found to be true, it will have a serious implication for the DRC staff involved. Having said that, we will only know if the allegations are true, once our complaint team have done the investigations and sent us the report. We will publish the findings online and send it to the complainant. 

You can read more uncensored SMSes on our Ushahidi page

Follow-up action: Our complaint team has investigated the complaint above and here are their findings:

The complainant is male, a local laborer and is interested to take part of DRC’s toilets tender. He asked whether a staff engineer can get a contract because he was worried about competition and wanted to find out if independent contractors are eligible to apply for tenders.

DRC staff in Salahley were also interviewed as part of this investigation on tenders. They told our team that there are no tenders at the moment in Salahlay district and last tender was given out in March 2012 for the construction of 45 toilets in an emergency project funded by DANIDA. The tender for this project was won by another local contractor and there has not been any complaints regarding the tender process or the contractor.

In summary, we misunderstood the original SMS and it turned out not to be a complaint, and the project in question is not the CDRD but a DANIDA-funded Emergency project. The feedback sender, local staff and we are satisfied with the findings and have closed the case.

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