Sunday, June 3, 2012

Meeting with Beerato village beneficiaries on SMS feedback.DRC staff and local project committee meeting with contractor, in long sleeved shirt, to check construction is going according to plan.Labourers at work to build the community centre, employed by a local contractor.Cement for construction, purchased from Burao city, 60 KMs east of Odweyne.Bricks are made on site and it creates jobs for local labourers.Construction materials for the community centre.
Doors and windows ready to be installed in community centre once construction is completed.El-Same village community centre under construction.This is a common scenario of feedback team verbally explaining the SMS feedback system, how it works to ensure beneficiaries understand it well and send relevant feedback.Beneficiaries from the village were excited about the SMS feedback and gathered around the DRC staff to learn more.A beneficiary testing the SMS feedback system as they are given instructions to see if it works.Temporary water tank used for the construction of the community centre in El-Same.
El-Same village, where the CDRD has an active project building a community centre.Toilet pits being dug out for the constructions of 4 public toilets in Haji Salah village.DRC engineers carrying out monitoring and quality assurance on the construction of Hara-Sheikh village community centre.Staff team leader in Odweyn, explaining the SMS feedback system and its benefits to beneficiaries.Typical beneficiary gatherings in remote villages and the most effective method of communication is still the old-fashioned Somali oral culture.The trader uses both solar and car batteries to charge the phones.
One of the main challenges in remove villages is charging phones due to lack of electricity. Small traders like these are their only options.Odweyne city centre, telephone network tower visible.DRC car outside the Odweyne office after a long field trip over 9 villages.Odweyne staff team leader, Abdirahman, updating the village project implementation committee on projects status.Explaining the SMS feedback system to beneficiaries in Qalooato village.

Odweyne District beneficiary SMS feedback roll out - January 2012.

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