Monday, July 9, 2012

The first not-so-genuine complaint we have received!

Translated SMS: We are complaining about a persistent corruption taking place in Ainabo DRC office, which you are responsible for. The latest case involves the distribution of food for work and IDP, the staff in Ainabo have fiddled with the number of beneficiaries. it was 1-390 person and 150 persons, they divided as (....)!

From Ainabo Community
CDRD Project
Ainabo District

Original SMS: ku xafiska DRC ee cabashooyinka: Soo gudbin cabasho musuq maasuq oo soo noqnoqotay taas oo ka dhacday xafiiska DRC ee Caynabo.ayna udanbaysay dadka hadeer qoraal qaybintodo ka socoto caynabo ee ah, shaqo/raashinle iyo barokacayal tiradodu ahayd, 1-390.qof & 150.qof barakace waxayna uqaybisay si (.....)!

Ka timid Bulshadda

Follow up:

Step 1: To ensure this is a genuine complaint from a DRC beneficiary, first we called the complainant 5 time and he did not answer. We then sent him an SMS requesting more details and informing him that we are trying to reach him and to please answer the phone.

Step 2: The SMS was forwarded to DRC complaint team to carry out a further investigation and to ensure the authenticity of the complaint.

The respond of the complaint team: "We have called the complainant several times from different phones using the number provided and he switched off his phone. We think this is not a genuine complaint but a person who has a grudge against a DRC staff in Ainabo office".

Step 3: We sent an SMS to the complainant informing him that unless he provides more information to support his case and answers his phone, we can't address his complaint.

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