Sunday, October 16, 2011

Partner's profile for SMS feedback

We have selected Elefweyn District in Somaliland to test out the SMS feedback system and have chosen few Community-Driven Recovery and Development Project (CDRD) projects for few reasons:

  1. CDRD Coordinator is the person behind the project and supervises the implementation
  2. Projects in this district are at different phases and allow us to study which groups at what stage are most likely to respond favourably to the project
  3. These are relatively stable communities where members are most likely to own mobile phones and we can assess the beneficiaries’ response to the project better.
  4. The 4 villages and Elafweyn city represent different network coverage areas to see how realistic it is for the villages with very little to no network coverage to send us SMSes.

Once this feedback is up and running successfully, the second phase will be to extend it to a select number of families in Mogadishu who are receiving cash relief. The scheduled start date for Mogadishu is 13th November, 2011, for 6 weeks. We will then decide if it is feasible to roll it out to all the DRC beneficiaries in Somalia/Somaliland.

The beneficiaries are from the following projects and locations:

  • Water catchment and high school in Elafweyn Town
  • Canal Irrigation in Godcaanood village
  • Middle school, public toilets and water tank in Kalsheikh village
  • Water tank and revolving fund in Gal iyo Qac village
  • Community centre and public toiltes in Beerweeso village

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