Sunday, October 23, 2011

Water tank - Elafweyn Town

Water tank by somcdrd
Water tank, a photo by somcdrd on Flickr.

The aim of this project is to convince beneficiaries to communicate the impact these kinds of projects have had on their lives through SMS feedbacks.

Of the 40 families with water tanks, we have met with 25 and it seemed clear to me that women run the everyday management of the tanks and controlled the business.

They welcomed the idea that they now had a direct contact with DRC, instead of having to go through the local staff at the Elafweyn office. They expressed a strong interest in wanting to communicate their ideas on how they have benefited from the water tanks and that they wanted more tanks to be built for other poor families with no access to clean water. They were also frank enough to admit most of them were illiterate and we are keen to see how the partnership between parents and their children attending local schools will work out in implementing the SMS feedback.

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